$222,182.00 in funding has been secured for schools this year alone.

Gofund Community Funding & Development Services has been instrumental in securing $222,182.00 of funding for schools this year alone!! This is great news because some of you can now start those long awaited projects. This is the best part, seeing the realisation of a dream and then experiencing how it can impact positively for the students in your school. 

Hillsborough School have just put up their shade sails as a result of the funding received. The result is outstanding. 

Early Discoveries Childcare in Weymouth have completed their project too!.

Gofund Community Funding takes great pride and satisfaction in helping you achieve your goals.

If you need funding help don't forget to give us a call. Remember we do not take a percentage of the funding, we charge a one-off fee for applications. The first site visit is free to you! Don't delay, call us today and we can help you out. Email: help@gofund.co.nz