Gofund - the Funding Specialists

Mission Statement

Gofund's primary goal is to assist schools plan strategically and access funding for equipment and projects that ultimately benefit students and enhance the learning environment. At the heart of the business is how can we make a difference for students overall.

Yvonne Leitch-Heggie

Gofund was started by Yvonne Leitch-Heggie in 2016 as a result of her involvement as a trustee on her local school board.  She quickly realised that sourcing funding for special projects was paramount for schools if they wanted to complete those projects when there was no Ministry funding available. A good deal of research went into finding appropriate funding streams to approach and discovering how best to approach them for the most successful outcomes. Yvonne has developed excellent contacts with people in all trades and services as a result of working on multiple projects. She can get quotes done in a expedient manner and follow through to installation on all projects. Yvonne has a passion for improving student educational outcomes. Her approach is to always focus on what is it that students need now and how best can we attain those aspirations. She has a lot of experience and knowledge at her fingertips and can advise the best method to achieve your goals. Project management is a big part of this service. We don't just get the funding for you we ensure the product is delivered to your door, or the project is completed to a satisfactory standard. It takes the hassles out of liaising with multiple people for you as we know how time poor people are these days especially schools and not for profit organisations. Our aim is to make the job seamless from start to finish.