What can you get funding for?

The list is wide and sometimes dependent on where you are situated as to which trust you can apply to but as a general rule here are some things you can successfully be funded for:

  1. School Camp fees (including transport costs)
  2. Technology Devices e.g. Chromebooks, Ipads, Smart TV's
  3. Sports gear e.g. equipment, uniform, affiliation fees for sports clubs (percentage)
  4. Salaries for contract specific work
  5. Travel costs to sporting events
  6. Playgrounds
  7. Shade Sails
  8. Upgrades to Libraries etc
  9. Bike Trails/Tracks
  10. Synthetic Turf
  11. Vehicles

Funding Plans for all Budgets

Basic Plan

Gofund will visit your school or organisation (if in Auckland) for a free site orientation. During this visit you can discuss what projects you want to complete in the next 12 to 24 months. It is important for you to prioritise what projects you want to concentrate on initially and determine how much funding your organisation can contribute to this project. Gofund will come up with a plan for your initial project(s) depending on the size and cost and provide you with some options to try for funding. Once your board has agreed to use Gofund we can begin the application process on your behalf.

Cost: $500 + GST for each application lodged on your behalf  regardless of the success. (First site visit is free).
Additional site visits: $100+GST per hour

Successful Applications:
Once funding has been approved Gofund will liaise with you around use of the funds i.e. purchase of goods or project completion. 

Gofund also completes the audits for successful applications (compulsory) for $100+ GST per application.

Strategic Plan
If you have no idea where to start, Gofund can visit your school or organisation to discuss with the principal or board of trustees the vision you have and from there work out a 24 month strategic plan for you to use to work toward realising your goals. There is no obligation to use Gofund for the actual funding application process if you prefer to go it on your own. However we do have the expertise and knowledge to do this for you if you prefer and charge for this as above. This is a great option if you have a very large project or multiple ideas but not sure where to start first.

One-off fee of $500+GST

Tailor Made Packages

If you have one large project or multiple projects then you made want a service that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This could be minor works project management and along with funding options to help you get that project completed. Contact us for a quote.

Out of Auckland

If your school or organisation is out of Auckland phone us to see how we can help. If you have specific requirements and know exactly what you want we can still source funding for you without a site visit. However for bigger or multiple projects it may be wiser for us to visit you to see exactly what you want. Phone us for a quote.