Avondale Primary School

Yvonne Leitch-Heggie has worked closely with Avondale Primary School over the past three years. In her role as Managing Director of Gofund, Yvonne facilitated a very thorough successful process to secure community funding that allowed our school to build a new junior playground and purchase a considerable amount of ICT equipment.

Yvonne is a total professional who has a 'feel' for what schools need, and a great awareness of just what a difficult task it is to secure funding for purchasing resources for our students.  Our school owes Yvonne a great deal and I endorse her work without equivocation. She is a genuine supporter of education and having her heart in the right place, always means the outcomes are successful and meaningful.

Greg Chalmers
Principal - July 2017

Rutherford College

Yvonne is first and foremost a person who genuinely cares about what she does and approaches her role with genuine desire to improve outcomes. She is a person I trust implicitly, she has the best interests of producing the best outcomes for our school and students at heart.

Yvonne is well motivated and highly organised.  She goes the extra mile for people and this virtue creates a deep personal and professional respect.  She is innovative and a self-starter. She was instrumental in the creation of a commercial hospitality space within our existing infrastructure, applying for funding which was successful and helped create the momentum and impetus for a purpose built hospitality room at Rutherford College.  We look forward to Yvonne continuing her positive working relationship with Rutherford and for there to be many more projects that are successful due to her assistance with fundraising and the working relationship she has with contractors and staff to see projects through to effective completion.

Gary Moore
Principal - March 2015

Kaitaia College

In 2015, Kaitaia College began an ambitious plan to cover areas in the school which was a costly enterprise. Yvonne came highly recommended as an accomplished fundraiser and the school engaged her services to apply for funds for this massive project.  Yvonne presented as an enthusiastic and experienced fundraiser with a 'can do' attitude. She was proactive during the initial research stage, identifying possible fund opportunities and recommending a plan of action to raise the desired amount of $200,000.00.

Kaitaia College is extremely pleased with its dealings and the outcome of its association with Yvonne. I recommend Yvonne as a professional, knowledgeable and competent fundraiser who is able to deliver on her promises.

Jack Saxon
Principal - September 2017

Huapai District School

Yvonne is a parent of two children who attended this school. She was voted onto the Board of Trustees and she took on the huge portfolio of property. Yvonne wanted to make a difference and over the next three years she took on many project manager roles to make our school a more up to date, safe and pleasant place to be. She has developed school pride in our environment and worked tirelessly to do so.  Yvonne is very efficient and professional in what she does. She is trustworthy and able to plan, action and follow through on tasks given to her.  She works to timeframes and can be relied on to get results. Yvonne has been an incredible asset to our school. Through her various roles she has a wonderful appreciation of the way a school runs, and its needs. I would absolutely recommend her as a capable, positive, caring person who 'gets things done'.
Kevin Cronin
Principal - Feb 2013

Everglade Primary School

As Principal of Everglade School, I have worked with Yvone Leitch-Heggie in her capacity as Managing Director of Gofund Community Funding and Development Services. Yvonne became involved with Everglade when we sought community funding for a large shade structure that we wished to construct over our hard court area.  Yvonne scoped the background to the project, talked us through the process she would follow, then prepared the relevant material for our application, in consultation with us. As a consequence of Yvonne's work with us, Everglade School received two community grants for our shade structure. This would not have been possible without Yvonne's support and expertise. I would recommend Yvonne and Gofund to any group wishing to pursue a community grant application.
John Robinson
Principal - July 2017

Green Bay High School

As Principal of Green Bay High School, we have used Gofund Community Funding and Development Services for over 3 years. During that time they have helped us secure significant funding which has enabled us to complete extensive renovations to sports areas and supply important technology upgrades.

Yvonne is highly professional, very easy to deal with and a very successful fundraiser. Her knowledge of the processes, systems and deadlines is remarkable and along with her enthusiasm has led to highly effective results. Yvonne has played a very large part in helping us achieve great improvements to our school.
Morag Hutchinson
Principal - April 2018

Weymouth Primary School

I am writing this letter in support of Gofund Community Funding and Development Services. We have been working alongside this company for the past year and a half and have been fortunate to secure some excellent grants to help support our school.
We have a new playground for our junior school that they supported us with and our children are loving it.
It is with pleasure I write this reference and a huge thanks to the team for their support in supporting our school with projects that have been completed and projects currently on the go.
Saane Faaofo Oldehaver
Principal - April 2018

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